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I will not be posting any travel blog anymore, at least for awhile, however i will be making TRAVEL VLOG almost everyday and i will be posting it on my YOUTUBE channel,

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Château de Chambord, France

DSC01228France is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen in my life, but after traveled through France for five months, I realised is the people who make France a beautiful and delightful place to live and visit

Stephen is a 46 years old bald guy who stopped to give me a ride before I even thumb up, I was at a big roundabout walking toward the right junction to go to Château de Chambord, Continue reading

The Belgian family who started a new life in France

2016.01.28-01.30DSC00757Rocamadour is a very pretty small village in the Lot department south-western of France built right on the gorge above the tributary of river Dordogne, every year it  attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims because of its sanctuary of blessed virgin mary and the black wooden Madonna and the majestic setting of the village, and how they managed to squeeze the whole cathedral into the cliff is very impressive and unbelievable, plus there is a castle sitting right above the cliff overlooking the gorge and the village, Rocamadour is also classed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as part of the St James’ Way pilgrimage route. Continue reading

The power of fasting

Perpignan, France

Perpignan, France

If you ever wanna hitchhike from Barcelona to France, there is a very good spot on the highway which works very well for me all the time, you need to take R2 Line train from Barcelona to Montcada(suburb of Barcelona, situate right beside the highway), if you don’t have money to buy the ticket, it is easy to sneak into the train system in Barcelona, you just have to walk right behind the person who has just insert his ticket in the ticket gate, usually the gate will stay open for about 2 seconds after the train ticket was inserted, then you just quickly follow the person through the gate, but don’t do this if you see any train employees around, I guess you will get a fine if you get caught, once you arrive Montcada, you just have to ask the locals where is the rest area on the highway, this rest area is a fantastic place for hitching, it has petrol station and restaurant, and plenty of cars with french number plate, here is an interesting story happened to me when I hitched from Barcelona to Perpignan, France in 2016/01/17: Continue reading

A typical but unique American family

22730242202_3ae27786ce_o (1)

The Merrill family

This interesting true story actually started in Romania, In September, 2014, I was traveling with an italian friend of mine through Romania for three weeks, one night when we were in Sibiu( Sibiu is one the most important and crucial cultural centers of Romania and it was the European Capital of the culture in 2007, found in 1191, a city which I totally recommend for visit) looking for a place to stay for the night, we met Remus by coincidence, Remus is the co-owner of a clothes shop, he is a Romanian, I saw him was talking with his clients in his store, I decided to go into the store and ask him if we can sleep in his house tonight, he was surprised by the request Continue reading

From the ancient Persia to Islamic republic of Iran: The land of Mystery

2014/11/4-11/25CIMG4806You can not find hitchhiking this vocabulary in Farsi(official language in Iran), so of course hitchhiking is a concept that most of Iranians don’t knows about it, I think the most difficult part of traveling through Iran was the language barrier, few locals spoke English and the hitchhiking concept is not known for, with the public transportation ridiculously cheap, thumbing up in Iran seems like a dumb thing you would do, but I traveled through this big country(the 18th largest country in the world) solely by hitchhiking, which makes me understand more about the local population and this mysterious country.

Continue reading

Boat-hitchhiking through Amazon river, take2


CIMG3015How I fished the big fish

I arrived the Santarem port before 8AM waiting for the owner of the boat to come, the boss(Rosinaldo) and his wife arrived the port with his huge SUV truck at 8:15am, I stopped them at the gate of the port, in Brazil unless you are in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, it would be a miracle if you find someone speak english, in the southern states of Brazil you might find some people who can speak spanish, anyway I tried to explain to him my hitchhiking around the world project in Portuguese, and explained to him that I wouldnt be able to pay with money for a ride, but I can pay with labor for a ride, like peeling potatoes, washing the dishes in the kitchen and cleaning the boat…etc whatever job you would like me to do for you , Continue reading

Boat hitchhiking through Amazon river, take1


Traveling through Amazon river by boat has alway been one of my dream to achieve, so after traveled through brazil for about 3 months from the south I finally arrived the immensely huge amazon river, I first arrived Belem which is the city of two millions inhabitants that is right on the end of Amazon river, Belem is a very interesting city to visit, it is the first european colony in Amazon, coz it is right on the amazon river, it has a rainforest climate, it is unbelievably humid and hot with millions of mosquitos and flies, but the city itself is very exciting to visit with the brazilian-styled of hustle and bustle, Continue reading

How i got arrested in England?(explicit)

DSCF3436I had never being arrested by polices before, until I was traveling in England by hitchhiking, hitching is not a common thing in England anymore, especially in southern part of England which is the most populated area of United Kingdom , however hitchhiking is still very doable in England and the whole UK, you won’t see any hitchhiker in England, but it doesn’t mean that you can not do it, it is legal to hitchhike in England and any part of UK unless you are thumbing up right on the motorway, but I have to say that the police in England they do not like hitchhiker, Continue reading